Our solutions

Vehicle lettering

Increase your visibility on the road, whether for a single car or a fleet, temporarily or permanently. The materials used guarantee a clean and invisible stain for your car when you decide to have them removed.

We offer partial wrapping (lettering or cutouts), window wrapping with microperforated vinyls or complete wrapping.
Our placement teams are specialized in the application of vinyls on all types of vehicles, regardless of how challenging.


Entrust us the visual dressing of your event:
• Locating and taking measurements of places
• Creation of the visual supports

(decorative wall, floor or window stickering, directional panels, wall or hanging banners, ...)
• Short or medium term marking
• Scenery dressing
• Rental of temporary communication supports

Let us know your ideas and we will find the solution that meets your expectations!


We have in our workshop a wide range of vinyls as well as a large stock of panels allowing us to respond quickly to your signage needs.

We mainly work with PVC panels (forex), aluminum (Dibond), foam board (kadapac) and plexiglass that we use in different forms. All these materials can be cut manually or by laser and be covered with different adhesive films.

The possibilities with these supports are very numerous, they can be used to create, among others, carved signs, event markings, stand walls or parking signs.

Banners and special films

For each use its support or specific film:
- Banners in PVC, fabrics, canvas or flag, for printing or lettering. Several finishing possibilities (eyelets / frame stretched / hanging) or structures (Metal frames / Pop-up stand / Roll-up)
- Microperforated vinyls to conceal a transparent surface while keeping visibility and brightness
- Sanded vinyls are ideal for opacifying a glass while keeping a slight transparency
- Reflective vinyls are perfect for good visibility in the dark (signage along a road, on vehicles, ...)
- Anti-UV vinyls strongly mitigate the effects of the sun through a window 

And many more: anti-tags vinyls, mirror vinyls, magnetic vinyls, Veleda vinyls, textured vinyls, phosphorescent vinyls, fluorescent vinyls, ...

Stickering and advertising campaigns

Store windows decoration is a simple and effective communication solution to give a high visibility to your points of sale. 
Whether for a single action, a schedule, a price list, a permanent visual or an advertising campaign, our team is an expert in permanent or temporary stickering and can deploy efficiently any campaign throughout Belgium.